The HAPPY Series: Pray For Support

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To pray is to let go and let God take over.
— Philippians 4:6-7

I know that the title of this blog post may make it sound like I’m about to dive into religion or theology, but that isn’t the case.  To me, prayer can be done in a number of ways and the tips I’m going to give in this blog post are not based on any one religion.  In fact, it doesn’t matter if you’re Christian, Buddhist, or anything else. 

The whole point of today’s blog post is to acknowledge that there is some type of higher power in charge of your life.  And the point of focusing on that idea isn’t so you have an excuse to give up or to resign yourself to someone else’s plans for your future, but rather to realize that you’re not alone.  There are bigger forces at play in the universe and we can either ignore that or embrace it.  As you can tell from the title of this blog, my recommendation is to embrace the help you can get from God or the Universe, or whatever you want to call it.  So let’s dive in, shall we?


How Can I Stop Feeling So Alone?

One of the biggest hurdles I think we all face when it comes to building a happy life is that we tend to feel alone most of the time during our personal development.  It can feel lonely to have all these hopes and dreams that you’re too embarrassed or scared to share with friends and family.  It can also be difficult to open up to people in your life about the things you’re struggling with.  The last thing we want to do is admit that we’re feeling lost or weak, so we tend to keep it inside.  

Whether or not you eventually open up to the people you care about, there is another way to not feel so alone.  If you can gather your beliefs, whatever they are, and remind yourself that there is someone watching over you, it will be a relief to realize you are not alone after all. When you lean on a higher power, you can let go of your doubts and fears by sharing them and getting them off your chest.  And when you have good things in your life, it’s a great practice to give thanks and recognize how blessed you are.

One of the most valuable times to believe in a higher power is in times of growth.  When we are in the process of changing our lives or improving our personal development, it’s important to remember that we aren’t in charge of doing it all on our own.  The best thing you can do in these times is to ask for help.


How Do I Ask For Help?

Just like the title of this blog post suggests, praying is the best way to connect with your higher power and ask for assistance.  I know that for myself, I personally tend to feel better the instant I connect with something that is bigger than myself.  In those moments I remember that I am not alone and that I don’t have to follow this path all by myself.  Just having someone by your side makes personal growth and development so much easier. You can also take the pressure off yourself by realizing that there is a plan in place for your life and you can simply follow that path instead of building it completely on your own from scratch.


Is There a Right Way to Pray?

I think prayer is as unique as each person who is doing the praying.  We all have our own methods and there is no right or wrong way to go about it.  The important thing is that we allow ourselves to open up and feel close with the higher power we are talking to.  Prayer doesn’t do us any good if we are only focusing on the good stuff or trying to present a pretty picture of our lives.  The most important part of praying is that we are honest, not only with whoever we’re praying to, but also to ourselves.


What Does Prayer Look Like?

Prayer can happen literally anywhere and at any time.  You can pray silently in your thoughts or you can pray out loud.  You can be in a church or you can be in your car. Literally, anything goes.  Like I said before, there’s no “right way” to pray. There aren’t any rules or guidelines to follow.  Simply focus on who you are praying to and let the thoughts and feelings flow.


What Are Some Examples of Prayer?

One of my favorite ways to pray is to have a conversation out loud while I’m driving.  This may sound kind of weird and maybe some of my fellow drivers have wondered who I’m talking to, but I like to think that if anyone sees me I could just as easily be talking to someone on speakerphone as talking to myself.  The reason I love praying in the car is that I don’t have any distractions, other than driving, of course!  I pay attention to the road, but instead of listening to music or chatting with someone on the phone, I simply have a conversation with God.  To me, it feels like a great way to find a connection and talk things out that I’ve been working through.

Another great place and time to pray is when you get into bed, before you go to sleep.  This might be more of a traditional option than the car praying, so go with whatever feels good to you!  The reason I like to pray before bed is because I’ve already wrapped up all my tasks for the day and now I’m ready to relax and quiet my mind. For me, praying before bed is a nice way to go through my thoughts from the day and to set some positive intentions before I fall asleep.  

Pro tip: if you tend to fall asleep while praying in bed, keep your bedside light turned on until you’re done praying.  Even if you are comfortable in your bed, you’re probably a lot less likely to fall asleep with the lights on than you would be if you were laying in total darkness.


Where Do I Start?

If you’re not sure where to start, I put together a fun template of sorts that can get you started.  It’s almost like a Mad Libs game from back in the day.  Do you remember those?  I’m not saying you need to follow a template at all, but if you are drawing a complete blank and can’t even start to think of where to begin, you can use this guide to get you started.  

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I hope you liked this post and I hope it helped you in some way.  If you can think of anyone else who might like to read this, please feel free to forward it on!  Stay tuned for next week when I will be talking about how You Are Enough, which is something we would all like to hear more often, right?

Until then, sending all the light & love your way, 
Beth  ♡ 

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