Overcoming Overwhelm

Have you noticed lately that we seem to glamorize how busy we are?  People ask us how we’re doing and the first word that pops out of our mouth is usually “busy” or some variation, right?  What compels us to broadcast how busy we are?  Is it because our busyness makes us feel important or valuable? Or is it because our to-do lists are constantly growing so all we can think about are the next ten things that we need to do?  Personally, I think we like to be busy.  But unfortunately, our busyness can sometimes backfire and make us feel overwhelmed. So how do you overcome the overwhelm in your life?  Keep reading!

How to Simplify Your To-Do List (And Eventually Your Life)

Regardless of where you keep your to-do list…how many items are on it?  Is your list manageable?  Or does it seem like you end up adding three new items for every one you complete? Well, I’ve got some good news for you!  I can help you cut your list in half AND let go of the guilt you might feel about the items that you don’t end up doing.

How?  Keep reading!