You Don't Have to Hit Rock Bottom to Change Your Life

You Don't Have to Hit Rock Bottom to Change Your Life.png
You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.
— C.S. Lewis

A few months ago I shared my story of hitting rock bottom and then bouncing back to become the happiest I’ve ever been.  I got a lot of great feedback from that post and it seemed like there were many women who could relate to my story and felt inspired to hear that it had a positive outcome.  The main reason I wrote that blog post was to show that we are not alone when we are struggling.  I know from personal experience how lonely it can be to go through a hard time, and my goal for sharing my story was to let other women know that they are not alone in their struggles.

Fast forward to about a month ago when I started to feel like I was ready for a change.  Things were going well in my life, but it felt like something was missing or like I was ready for the next chapter.  At first, it was confusing because things felt fine and there weren’t any major problems that I needed to overcome.  So, I started to think I should just ignore the feeling that something needed to change.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?  

But then I realized I should listen to my gut and figure out what it was that needed to change. Something felt off and I was determined to find out what it was.  After a week or so of thinking things through and listening carefully to my thoughts, I realized what was going on. 

I was ready for next-level happiness!  

Instead of having some big “aha moment”, I just paid attention to my thoughts and took inventory of my feelings for a few days, which helped me realize I wanted more.  I also had to realize that aiming for next-level happiness didn’t mean that my life isn’t great as-is. It just means I’m ready to move on to the next phase where I’m even happier than before. So, with that in mind, I decided to get more. 

I immediately made some next steps to help me get closer to that next-level happiness I was ready to find. I signed up for a course from Melissa Ambrosini that takes her Mastering Your Mean Girl book to the next level.  I also got the book off my shelf to read again.  Another step I took was to make a morning routine for myself that included self-care items like meditation and movement.  I also started re-listening to You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero and started journaling again. 

None of my next steps were massive and not one of them will take me all the way to the next-level happiness I’m aiming for.  But when put together, all of these positive things have slowly helped me to head in the right direction.  It’s kind of like the positive snowball effect I talked about in my Positive Vibes post.  

Lots of little changes can eventually add up to BIG changes.  You just have to take that first step and decide that you want to change. It’s not enough to WANT to change. Decision is the key factor. 

So, you can see how I started the path towards some big changes in my life without having to hit rock bottom first to start that journey.  Like I said before, things were going well in my life, but I listened to my gut when it told me that something was off and realized that I wanted even MORE happiness.

Now that you’ve heard about my story and the changes I’m making in my life, ask yourself what changes you want to make.  Is there something your gut is telling you it needs to be improved or fixed?  Is there something you’ve wanted to do for a while now but have been waiting for that “right time” to make it happen?  

Maybe that “right time” is RIGHT NOW.

If you have some goals you’d like to set but you’re not sure where to start, I’ve created an awesome tool for you to use.  It’s a 1-year plan that helps you break down your goals into manageable action steps and then shows you how to plan out those steps for a whole year.  If you’d like to give this tool a try, click the banner below and enter your name and email address.  The workbook will be emailed to you right away.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I truly hope you decide to take some action towards whatever your dream life looks like.  Just remember, you don’t have to wait for some momentous event to start living a better life. 

As always, if there’s someone you can think of who might want to hear this message, please share this post with them.  And stay tuned for the next blog post, coming up next Wednesday.

Until then, sending all the light & love your way, 
Beth  ♡ 

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