Introducing The HAPPY Series

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Most people are searching for happiness. They’re looking for it. They’re trying to find it in someone or something outside of themselves. That’s a fundamental mistake. Happiness is something that you are, and it comes from the way you think.
— Wayne Dyer

In my last blog post, I talked about hitting rock bottom and bouncing back to become the happiest I’ve ever been.  Today, I want to introduce a new series to you where I will walk you through easy and straight forward ways you can start finding your own unconditional happiness for yourself.  I’m calling it the HAPPY Series.

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I’ve broken the series into five different sections which all address a different set of tools for building happiness.  In my next post, I’ll dive into the first one, but for today I wanted to give you a quick breakdown of each tool so you know what to expect.

Before we begin, I do want to remind you that this series is not about fixing your problems or making your issues go away.  I want to help you find happiness despite anything that is going wrong in your life right now.  These tools will help you find unconditional happiness that will last a whole lot longer than the temporary high of getting a raise or dating your cute co-worker.

Have Gratitude

The first tool for becoming happier is to Have Gratitude.  Being grateful is the biggest and best way to immediately feel better about everything in your life.  Once you can focus your thoughts on the things that are good in your life, the negative things seem to just fall away, even for just a few moments.  It’s in those grateful moments that we can begin to realize how lucky we are.  The more often you focus on gratitude, the happier you will feel overall.

Accept Your Problems

The next way to feel happier is to Accept Your Problems.  This might sound counter-intuitive and you might think that even acknowledging your problems will make them seem even worse.  Instead of ignoring your problems or, even worse, focusing on them and worrying about them, accepting your problems allows you to come to terms with the not-so-great parts of your life and let them go.  By accepting and letting go of the things you can’t change in your life, you can start of appreciate more of the good things.

Positive Vibes

If you can focus your thoughts on Positive Vibes, you will start to see a snowball effect of happiness take over your life, in the best way possible.  When you try to see the positive side of things it starts to become a habit and you will eventually be able to notice more and more positive things all around you throughout your day.  These positive vibes don’t have to be centered on big, life-changing events, but rather the small every day stuff.  By spending your energy looking for positive things that are happening in your life, you will automatically change your mindset and feel happier.

Pray for Support

When you allow yourself to Pray for Support, you are opening yourself up to living a happier life. The act of praying doesn’t have to be limited to specific religions or churches.  In fact, regardless of who you are praying to, prayer is just a matter of admitting that you would like some help and you can’t do it all on your own. We can all use help from time to time, so praying is the easiest way to tap into the mindset of admitting that we need some support.  Once we’ve prayed, we feel like our problems have been heard and we can start to live happier lives.  

You Are Enough

By letting yourself see that You Are Enough, you will stop focusing on all the things that you think need to be changed about yourself.  If you can let go of trying to aim for some level of perfection, you will eventually see that you are perfect exactly the way you are.  True happiness comes from loving yourself unconditionally. Once you can accept the fact that you don’t need to change, you will start to feel happier and be more content with your life.  There’s no such thing as perfection and there’s no reason to wait to feel happy until you hit some type of ideal life.  Learn to be happy now, exactly the way you are.

Over the next few months I will be diving even deeper into each of these five topics and will give you some more insight into how you can implement these ideas into your daily lives. I will also be providing some tools for you to use on your path to living a happier life.  So, stay tuned for more!  And if there’s someone you know who might like to learn more about being happy, feel free to forward this link to them.

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I’ll see you in two weeks with the next post in the HAPPY Series.

Until then, sending all the light & love your way, 
Beth  ♡ 

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