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Simply Spend 10 minutes a day on mindfulness
to drastically improve your happiness
and leave you feeling like a blissed out goddess
within three weeks.


If you're like most women these days, you probably have a thousand things on your plate every day and very limited time to get everything done.  You probably start the day with a long list of things you want/need to get done, but by the time you climb into bed at the end of the day you feel like you've barely scratched the surface of your to-do list.

And chances are, the day went by in such a blur that you hardly remember what you ate for lunch, let alone had a moment to enjoy it and savor the meal.  And with our busy culture and the popularity of social media, there's a very good chance that there are some women on your social media feed who seem to be doing everything you hope to do with your life AND making it look easy.

Sound familiar?

All of this hustle and bustle is wearing us down.  We spend so much time reliving the past or worrying about the future that we forget to enjoy this moment, right now.  And sadly, it's easy to compare ourselves to other women and feel like we're lacking in some way and are missing some secret ingredient.

Trust me, I get it.  You are not the only one who feels this way.  But you ARE one of the brave ones who are willing to admit that you want things to change and are ready to take action towards building a life you love.

Remember earlier when I mentioned a secret ingredient?  Well, there IS a secret to having it all and enjoying your life more than you could have ever believed possible.  

Too good to be true?  Not at all!  The answer is...


If I could take you in a time machine and rewind back to my life a year ago, you would see the exact type of life I described above where I was frazzled and scattered.  But thankfully, I found mindfulness and I have experienced massive changes in my life.

I'm happier.  
I'm less stressed.  
I don't worry about the future. At all.

Trust me, this stuff works!!  And now that I've found the key to freeing your brain from stress and worry, I want to share it with anyone who will listen.  I especially want to share it with women who have been where I have been and are struggling with the same things I struggled with.

Because I know your pain.  I know your stress.  And I know your worries.  I've been there.

But you don't have to stay where you're at right now.  Simply sign up for this FREE 3-week mindfulness challenge and start the journey towards an incredible, happier life.

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Still not convinced?  Keep reading!


If you're still not sure this challenge will help you, maybe one of the reasons holding you back is because in the past you've tried something like this and it didn't go well and you might have felt like you failed.  

Or maybe you've started something like this challenge before and never finished it, so you feel like you wasted your money.  Trust me, you are not alone!  I have done this so many times myself that it's not even funny!!

But...I want to assure you that this WILL be a great experience for you.  First of all, it's 100% free, so it's literally impossible for you to waste any money here.  Also, you are going to get an email from me every single day of this challenge, so you will have the consistency and support to make it to the very end.

If you have questions during the challenge, I'm simply an email away.  All you'll need to do is reply to your daily email and I will be there to give you any support you need and answer any questions you may be having.


3-Week Challenge Outline:

This challenge features 21 days of emails being sent directly to your inbox so that you can seamlessly focus on mindfulness on a daily basis.  Here's a breakdown of the week-by-week schedule.

Week 1:

Add a sense of gratitude into your life to instantly feel happier and brighter.  Ease into mindfulness by spending just 5-10 minutes a day working on the challenge.

  • Journal prompts focusing on happiness & intention setting
  • Recommended 5-minute meditations for beginners
  • Gratitude exercises

Week 2:

Learn to focus on your breath and appreciate the positive things in your life to give you an instant mood life.  Gradually increase your time on mindfulness and plan on spending up to 10 minutes working on your mindful moments.

  • Meditations focusing on the breath
  • Appreciating a positive moment of each day
  • Reflective journaling on self-love and pride in yourself

Week 3:

Work on overcoming life's challenges to give you a fresh start and let you release the negativity from your days.  Finish out the 3-week challenge by spending up to 20 minutes a day on the challenge activities.

  • Mindfulness meditations
  • Journal prompts focusing on your dream life
  • Celebration for finishing the challenge


Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the point of the mindfulness challenge?

This challenge is a way for you to start adding some mindful moments into your daily life.  By focusing on the small moments of each day, you will gain a sense of gratitude and an awareness of how amazing you life already is.  Meditation will quiet your mind and journaling will help you sift through your busy thoughts.

When does it start?

The challenge will start on Monday, May 14 and will go through Sunday, June 3.


How will it work?

This 3-week event will include a daily email to help you stay on track with your mindfulness work.  The emails will have simple instructions to follow for that day.  Some example exercises will include journal prompts, meditations, and gratitude reflection.


How much time will it take?

The daily exercises will start out at about 5-10 minutes a day. You can complete the assignment at any point during that day, so there's a lot of flexibility around timing.  By the third and final week, you can expect to spend anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes a day on the mindfulness exercises.  By this point, you will already have noticed a huge shift in your mindset, so chances are you will look forward to and enjoy your mindfulness exercises.


am i a good fit for this challenge?

This challenge is meant for anyone who wants to slowly add mindfulness into their daily routine.  You can be a total beginner or you can already have started adding mindful moments into your life.  Everyone is welcome!


How do I sign up for the challenge?

**The challenge is currently closed, but you can sign up for my email list to be notified of the next round.**

Name *

Questions?  Send me an email at and I'll be happy to walk through your questions with you.